20oz Co2 Cylinder

20oz Co2 Cylinder

Regular price R 400.00

20oz Co2 Cylinder

This is a great size cylinder to get when looking to play or from a self defence point of view.

When looking at this size of cylinder in particular you normally looking at using a pod pack that can accommodate the Co2 cylinder or a tactical vest with a remote line attached to the marker. The reason for this is that most people find it uncomfortable to play with the 20oz Co2 cylinder directly on the marker.

Believe me you will know what we are talking about once you have played a whole day or long scenario games with this size Co2 cylinder on the marker.

Of course from a self defence point of view, this Co2 cylinder will still do the job without being too uncomfortable. Of course in this case the bigger the cylinder the more shots your are looking to get out before you have to refill it. So it all goes about personal preference.

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